Have you hugged your heating equipment today?

You meant to call and have your heating system checked out, cleaned and adjusted if need be; but now here we are well into the heating season and still your cold weather friend is feeling neglected. You say to yourself, “it’s still running okay, so it probably can wait until next fall”, how many years in a row have some of you said something of that nature?

Suddenly in the middle of a cold day, your main heating system breaks down and you start to curse the darn thing, and call it anything but what it is. Then your service person comes in and tells you that he can get it going, but the systems needs lots of maintenance work. Or he can get it going, but not today; the part you need is a special order item. In almost any emergency situation it will probably cost you more time and money to get the same repairs done; than if you had them done on a yearly maintenance schedule, and most certainly with a lot of stress for all involved.

Many of today’s heating systems will take a lot of abuse and even without maintenance, just keep on running. This should not lull you into a state of complacency. There are some dangers that could exist that only can be spotted with a proper inspection done by a professional.
Remember your heating system will not get better or fix itself even if you are able to reset it or get it going on your own.

Yes it’s true your system could still breakdown after a good inspection and tune up; but it’s a lot less likely.

If you have been putting of a heating system check, call your service professional and schedule a maintenance inspection. Remember its never too late to give special attention to equipment that day and night at work or at play, keeps our hearts and bodies warm.

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By: Don Herod

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