Compressor Problems? Call a Refrigeration Psychic

Do you remember the television infomercials on telephone psychic hot lines?

Well those commercials gave me the idea to start Don’s Refrigeration Psychic Hot Line. The way that it would work is, you would call my hot line, and then hold the receiver up against the refrigeration compressor and one of my trained Refrigeration Phone Psychics would make predictions and recommendations based upon the vibrations sent out by the compressor. I bet that you want the number, right? You can’t blame me for trying.

There are other ways of reading the past and predicting the future of a compressor.
If you have a compressor failure, there are things that can and should be done to definitively find out what caused it to fail. 99.9% of the time, an experienced and trained technician will know why it failed. The number one way for him/or her to tell, is by taking the old compressor apart, if possible, and inspect different parts of the compressor to find what part of the compressor actually failed and why. To a professional technician, the inside of the compressor tells many stories about the conditions of the system past and present your service technician should do this without asking you, but you should ask if this was done. This procedure should be performed in conjunction with the following:

  • If you have a system where the compressor cannot be taken apart because of its design, the procedure would be to correct all apparent electrical problems, then start and monitor the system and check for all possible causes of compressor failure, and make all corrections.
  • You would be surprised at how many compressors are changed with little or no effort made to correct any underlying problems. The price of this method is initially low, but the cost will end up being higher in the long run. I can predict that if nothing other than replacing the compressor of a system is done; you will have compressor failure again in the near future (sometimes I scare my self).
  • If you have a compressor failure, or worse, you have many fail; make sure that you have your technician explain the reason for the failure. If he cannot explain the failure, you could always cal Don’s Psychic hot line.

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By: Don Herod

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