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Compressor Problems? Call a Refrigeration Psychic

Do you remember the television infomercials on telephone psychic hot lines? Well those commercials gave me the idea to start Don’s Refrigeration Psychic Hot Line. The way that it would work is, you would call my hot line, and then hold the receiver up against the refrigeration compressor and one of my trained Refrigeration Phone […]

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Have you hugged your heating equipment today?

You meant to call and have your heating system checked out, cleaned and adjusted if need be; but now here we are well into the heating season and still your cold weather friend is feeling neglected. You say to yourself, “it’s still running okay, so it probably can wait until next fall”, how many years […]

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Supermarket Air-Conditioning

For most people, air-conditioning is a means of keeping cool in the heat of summer. But technically, the conditioning of air means more than just cooling it. If done properly, it also keeps the air clean. Good filtering and proper maintenance of air-conditioning equipment will not only keep your customers, cool it will also reduce […]

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